Some beautiful typography from inside the New York State Environment Hall at the Museum of Natural History. The exhibit opened in 1951 and doesn’t look like it’s been touched since then. It analyzes the geological history of a 40 square mile area of Dutchess County.

I emailed the Museum’s librarian to find out more about the lettering in the hall, but didn’t learn very much (“Unfortunately, we do not have this information in our archives but the labels would have been created by the graphics team since there has been a graphics department in the Museum from very early on in the Museum’s history”).

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Another beautiful piece by Steve Powers is up at Red Hook Lane & Boerum Place, a few blocks away from the other Love Letters to Brooklyn (1 & 2).

Original signage hiding under the Hero Shop awning:

Italian Sandwich Fading Ghost Ad

And a truck with hand painted lettering idling on Livingston:

Hand Painted Truck Lettering Brooklyn

Hand Painted Truck Lettering Brooklyn


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Materials for the Arts is an incredible reuse and recycle program in Long Island City. They receive and organize goods from a wide range of donors and maintain a warehouse where they redistribute everything to NYC Public Schools, non-profit arts organizations, community groups, and other worthy causes.

They receive donations from the Department of Sanitation, city agencies, stores, businesses, movie productions, charitable organizations, and individual donors. By redistributing cast-off items to arts, education, and community groups, they transform waste into raw art material.

Vernacular Typography is a member of Materials for the Arts through Artspire and New York Foundation for the Arts. Their shelves are always stocked with an amazing (and often strange) assortment of stuff. On a recent visit to the warehouse, I picked up random examples of vernacular lettering, incredible typography reference books, office supplies, and things to be turned into typography. And a surprising number of Barry Manilow related items.


An article I wrote about ghost signs around Brooklyn and Manhattan is the cover story in the new issue of TYPO Magazine.

TYPO is a quarterly bilingual English-Czech design magazine devoted to the study of typography in context with other disciplines like architecture, urban design, photography, philosophy, and sociology.

You can order a hard copy or download a digital copy of issue 45 HERE.

A preview:

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